In 2015, the Asahi newspaper apologized to the nation of Japan for fabricated reports. Some statements in these reports were withdrawn (I will inform you gradually of their apology).
I want to introduce Mrs Miki Otaka, who is one of Japan’s most respected and most famous journalists.

What is the News?

At first I would like to say that I am not promoting her new publication, titled “ I must remove my father’s apology monument”.
This book tells you that in fact there was no “forced conscription, or sex slaves.” There were prostitutes and there were very rich women in South Korea in World War II.
By the way, the Japanese government has clearly stated that there were  comfort women , but there were many prostitutes, both Japanese and Korean.

The Japanese army
1 Set up a comfort women’s facility.
2 The military set up medical facilities for the comfort women and for the military.
3 The Japanese army were humane, which is the reason they did not put comfort women onto the battlefield, and protected them when the army moved.

In other words, the handling of the comfort women issue was generous by Japanese armies.
In January 2017, Mrs Otaka interviewed the son of Mr Seiji Yoshida who was a fiction writer and published a few books. You may find a particular account of the matters.
The following words are from the book “I must remove my father’s ‘apology monument, A monologue of the eldest son of Seiji Yoshida, who was the sole cause of the South Korean comfort women issue.”
‘I can no longer bear the unnecessary and futile conflict between Japan and South Korea, and the continuing worldwide publicity of ‘comfort women’ as a historical fact – all of which resulted from my father’s deliberate false messages that he kept sending out to the world. As the last member of the Yoshida family, how can I put right the wrongs my father did and atone for his sins?
‘I have decided that this is the least I can do to make up for my father’s misdeed.’
This book is in Japanese, not in English. If you are interested, please contact Mrs Otaka.