You shall love your neighbor as yourself

Now the world is beginning to understand that the problem of comfort women is a fabrication because we know that the books of Mr Seiji Yoshida were entirely fictitious and have no base in fact.

South Koreans know this too because they are clever but they have a definite purpose to continue to break the agreement between Japan and South Korea which was made, “FINAL AND IRREVERSIBLE”, on 28th December 2015.
Also, the world knows that behind South Korea, North Korea and China are manoeuvering the denunciation of Japan.
Why is South Korea dragging the problem of comfort women on for so long? It is a 70 year old matter. Can you move on to the future?
I would like to ask the Korean government, ‘Did you take responsibility for the comfort women issue during the Vietnam War? The world knows what your army did to the Vietnamese. Show the world your sincerity, your liability for reparation.

The problem is as we said comfort women in World War II is more than 70 years old. Do you want to fight this matter forever? You may enjoy fighting with Japan? We say, “No thank you”. If you are looking for your means or income from Japan, then please forget about it. You already have enough compensation from the Japanese Government for the comfort women.

How can you live this way? Why can’t you coexist with the world brightly and in a pleasant manner?